Nanotech Surface Solutions

At Nanotech-Surface Solutions we offer the most advanced nanotechnology-based protective coatings and cleaning compounds designed for the industrial, commercial, automotive, and residential sectors. Our products are able to achieve super hydrophobic, oleophobic, self-cleaning, anti-graffiti, anti-slip, corrosion-inhibiting, hardness increase, & stain free protection, among others.

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Best Sellers

Fabric Shield (Text-Shield)

Super hydrophobic (water repellent) coating for fabrics, velvet, & suede.

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Si-Carbide Plus (Ceramic Coating)

Long-lasting ceramic coating system for automotive paint.

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Hand Sanitizer

75% isopropyl alcohol by volume non-gel formula. Ideal for personal, family and frequent users. Keep some at home, some in different cars, and even stock some for future use!

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Nano Detailer Starter Kit

Affordable one-of-a-kind detailing arsenal for personal or commercial use. Ideal for cleaning, coating, and protecting every surface of multiple vehicles.

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Why Choose Our Products?

We've been in the nano industry since 2013 and have developed an extensive product line that's just as suitable for the professional installer as it is for the DIY enthusiast. We also don't believe you should pay a fortune to clean & preserve the "like new" appearance of your assets.

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we stand behind all of our high quality products

I own a detailing shop and my workers absolutely love cleaning windows with your Waterless Wash!

Andres P.

Amazed by the quality of the products and how easy it is to apply them! 

John P.

Fast shipping and amazing customer service!

Tim E.

Great product! Unlike other non-gel hand sanitizers, this one is easy on your hands!

Marissa M.

Great Product!

Alfonso M.

I won't risk it for a hand sanitizer with a lower concentration of alcohol by volume. I rather pay a little more for a product that will actually kill germs.

Jenna K.